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This Alabama native, Georgia raised, songstress has been around music her whole life and little over 6 months ago she decided to take her gifts seriously. Her sound is like no other: Smooth and soothing. The vocals of Alona Decade will be gracing our music catalogue August 28th. Her highly anticipated debut album “Indecisive” takes us on a journey of love and relationships. The project consist of 10 tracks including her single “Wave” that is available now.

“Wave” shows a rare narrative of a relationship where the guy is ‘doing too much’ and needs to just go with the flow and ride the wave.Watch the Video above! Visuals for the second single “Self Talk” will be available a week after the album is released. This track is that voice we all need to hear in order to pull it together. See the complete track list below.

The is album teaches us when to walk away, when to stay focus and when to give in. Stay tuned for more from The Alona Decade and check out her mini-series where we can get to know another side the artist as she breaks down her project. ]

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