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Items that every college student needs

It's the time of year! College students are gearing up to head back to campus this fall. For many students, this is their first time away from home, and it can be scary. You're in a foreign place, away from everything you've known. When you get to college, you only get one space to call your own: your dorm. It becomes your bedroom, your kitchen, your study area, your place of peace. With such little space that you probably have to share, you must take advantage you every inch. But what items are necessary, and what can you live without? Here are seven items every college student needs to survive campus life?

  1. Mattress Topper

On top of being small, college beds can be uncomfortable. Adding a mattress topper can make your bed firmer, comfier, and less lumpy.

  1. Laundry basket

  2. College dorms are small, so it's essential to minimize clutter. A good, sturdy laundry basket makes doing laundry easier while keeping the room clean.

  3. Extension Cords

  4. Outlets are in the most random parts of the dorm. And if you're someone who likes to lay in bed and do work or charge your phone, an extension cord is a must-have.

  5. A full-length mirror

  6. This type of mirror is hangable, so it's easy to transport. Plus, it allows you to see you're whole body, not just the top half.

  7. Desk light

  8. A desk light is perfect for when you're studying in the wee hours of the night and you don't want to disturb your roommate.

  9. Headphones

  10. Invest in a good pair. Headphones are perfect for meditating, studying, cleaning, working out, or unwinding after a long day.

  11. An umbrella

  12. There's going to come a day where the weather isn't cooperative. So please don't wait until it's pouring down raining and your laptop and bookbag are wet before buying an umbrella.

College can be challenging. You're trying to balance your grades and social life all at the same time while trying to navigate adulthood. These simple items can help make life a little bit easier.

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