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"Last Friday" Delayed Due to Feud Between Ice Cube and Warner Bros.

Ice Cube and Warner Bros. are in a heated battle about the latest installment in the Friday franchise, Last Friday, which was greenlit back in 2012.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the main issue halting the project is centered around the storyline. Ice Cube reportedly had the movie taking place in a prison, and the studios allegedly didn't think the first draft was funny, and Cube was given notes that the second draft was "off the mark." Ice Cube reportedly felt that the criticism of the script was a way of Warner Bros. holding off on production.

Warner Bros. claimed that Ice Cube was slowing down the production of the project by focusing on his other endeavors, including his Big3 basketball league. A spokesperson told the WSJ, "For nearly a decade we have expressed unwavering support for a Friday sequel, even as the years passed between the two scripts he was enlisted to write for the Friday franchise due to his own delays."

A second issue centers around Ice Cube trying to get the rights to the Friday franchise, along with other WB subsidiary movies, All About the Benjamins, and The Players Club. Warner Bros. responded, calling Ice Cube's demands "extortionate," and they stated that they would not release the rights to the movies, but they want to still continue with making Last Friday. However, Ice Cube stated, "I’m going to go somewhere else and make a hit and embarrass them."

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