Squeeze released his single "You" listen now on all platforms. ad Squeeze Q&A to learn more::

What is your name?

My full name is Larion Licaye Clinton Johnson. I was named after LL Cool J. His name was Marion in the tv show “In the House.” My mom just replaced the “M” with the “L” to follow my fathers tradition of all his sons names beginning with the letter “L,” ironically my initials are also the same LLCJ/LL Cool J.

What is your stage name?

L.squ33zii aka “Squeeze” for short.

Where are you from?

My father is Bajan (from Barbados), My mother is American(from Massachusetts). I was born in Virginia and raised in Boston. Now I live in Georgia.

How old are you?

Im 24 years old

Why do you continue to do music?

Music is like breathing for me. I enjoy using words to express my deepest thoughts because sometimes it’s tough to articulate them to people directly.

What influences your music?

Personal experiences is my number one influence when making music. Telling a story in a way that makes the listener feel like you’re in a room with only them is such an amazing super power so each moment that I’ve lived on this earth I use it to fuel my artistry.

How did you get started in the music industry?

Shortly after I turned 16 my mother planned a trip to New York for my sister, my mom, and I to go to since my father had been released from prison a few months before that. I hadn’t seen him since I was a baby so there was a lot of things he’d missed out on and my love for music was one of them. When him and I talked, he asked me out of the blue if I rapped. Long story short he took me to the studio the next day to record what I had in my notebook. Ironically I had just finished writing my two very first full songs a week before that. As nervous as I was to impress him, after I finished recording them, that was the moment I knew i’d want to do this for the rest of my life

What other activities are you involved in besides music?

I have a Youtube channel that highlights my relationship with my girlfriend Cierra. We do challenges, pranks, and most importantly COMPETE! Aside from that I’ve also gotten more into acting lately and will be featured in the film Coming 2 America

December 2020!

What is your perspective on the current state of the industry?

There are a lot of industry plants. Todays culture allows kids to believe it’s ok to not work hard for a long time on the things you want because of all the overnight success stories we see. Authenticity is another aspect of the industry that needs to be brought back. Thats the biggest part of who I am as a person as well as an artist so it’d be important to me to get that message across in all that I do.

What are you currently working on?

My producer and I have been going back and forth about a project we have coming out called “This Shit Hits !” We haven’t finalized a date as of yet but we have have another single coming out April 3rd called “MaryDoYouWanna”

Do you have any upcoming releases/events in February or March?

The song “You..” Dropped February 3rd 2020!!! Everyone should go run up those numbers ASAP!!!! Celebrate Love and play it for your significant other !


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