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Top 5 Costumes Everyone Should Avoid This Year (And Every Year)

It’s the beginning of October which means Halloween is just around the corner. What’s not to like about Halloween? You get to dress up in elaborate costumes, eat as much candy as you want, and enjoy the nice cool weather. After facing COVID lockdowns last year, most participants want to go even bigger to compensate for the lost time. Unfortunately, every year someone (celebrities included) comes up with the most offensive costumes of all time. With that said, here are the top 5 costumes everyone should avoid this year (and every year).

1. Anything involving Blackface

Blackface is never okay. NEVER. Blackface goes deeper into just painting your face a darker color. It reinforces racist and harmful stereotypes. So if you’re a white person, avoid stereotyping cultures that aren’t yours, even if you are trying to pay respect to a famous figure. This means we should stay away from ideas such as Julianne Hough’s costume.

2. Nazi/Holocaust Vicitms

You would think by 2021, anything relating to the Holocaust would be off-limits. But believe it or not, many celebrities have caught fire for dressing like a Nazi. Pretending to be a survivor is just as bad. The Holocaust was a horrific, historical event that should not be a part of anyone’s Halloween party.

3. Terrorist

Dressing as Osama Bin Laden, Dylan Roof, or anything resembling an ISIS member is disgusting. Not only does it glorify violence, but it also makes light of tragedies that killed dozens of people. While we’re at, let’s cross off anything that involves the Confederate Flag off the list.

4. Transphobic costumes

Any costume used to mock marginalized groups isn’t a good idea. Walmart pulled one costume after customers pointed out that it was offensive and used a slur in its title. Even if it is supposed to be humorous, trans people are not a joke.

5. Cultural Stereotypes

If you're thinking about dressing up as a Disney character (like Pocahontas), be sure to dress with racial and cultural sensitivity. When dressing in a culture that isn't your own, it can come off as offensive or cultural appropriation. It's better to choose a specific character, not the generalized looks of a group.

So this year (and every year) choose a costume that’s fun,sexy, or scary, that doesn’t make people relive a tragedy.

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