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Wisconsin Black man falsely arrested at his own home sues city

On June 2 Keonte Furdge was arrested and held at gunpoint in his home by two officers but police are now calling the incident a mistake.

It was reported that Keonte Furdge was arrested in his home after a neighbor called the police because he was sitting on the patio. Two police officers entered the house with their guns drawn and handcuffed Furdge, 23.

The home belonged to Furdge’s coach who was allowing him and another team mate to stay in the house after his mother who previously lived in the home had passed away. When officers Jared Wedig and Luke Wunsch discovered they made a mistake they apologized saying “sorry to ruffle your feathers this morning.” They added the neighbor was probably alarmed and called the police because the boys are “two big Black guys.”

The lawsuit against Monona Police was filed in Madison federal court last week.

“This lawsuit seeks to establish that this was more than a misunderstanding…It seeks to vindicate the violation of Keonte Furdge’s constitutional rights,” the filing states.

It adds, “it seeks to effect change through punitive damages by punishing the Defendants for their egregious conduct with the hope that the punishment is significant enough to prevent this from happening again in the future, so that a person can move into a formerly vacant house in the City of Monona and sit on his front porch without having to fear that the police will break in and shoot him.”

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